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Lisa Thomas, Real Estate Agent/Realtor - Attention HOMEOWNERS!!! Someone is looking to BUY a house, just like yours. Too bad it's not on the market unless YOU would like to change that. Please, call me now @ 9016792984 to schedule an appointment and together, we can get it SOLD!!! Thank-you for your time and considering listing your home ...Read More

3 days ago

Lisa Thomas, Real Estate Agent/Realtor - I am sure you have heard Real Estate Experts say, "Location, Location, Location." Do you know why it is important? Because it is the greatest determining factor in the value of a house. Let's say you find two identical houses in separate locations. Well, the house in the desirable location is more ...Read More

1 week ago

Lisa Thomas, Real Estate Agent/Realtor - Would YOU like to LIVE in 1 of the 10 Best Cities for Homeownership or in 1 of the 336 other cities in Tennessee? Regardless of where you would like to live, as YOUR AGENT, I'm here to assist...please call me now to schedule an in office appointment. Thank you for your time. Respectfully, LISA TH ...Read More

2 weeks ago

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Welcome to Tennessee’s Tri County (Fayette, Shelby and Tipton)  (now serving Haywood) Real Estate where your home search begins. Search thousands of homes for sale on, including new homes, condos, townhouses, and more. Plus, provides you with a wealth of real estate information to help you learn more about finding your perfect home. Please reference the FOR […]

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