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Lisa Thomas, Real Estate Agent/Realtor - Throughout life, people have said, you can't do it... Well, stop listening to the naysayers and following your dreams of becoming a homeowner. Call me now and together, we will get you on the path to homeownership. Sincerely, LISA THOMAS, Real Estate Agent/REALTOR Direct Number: 901-679-2984 Re ...Read More

Lisa Thomas, Real Estate Agent/Realtor

3 weeks ago

Lisa Thomas, Real Estate Agent/Realtor - Do YOU dream about owning a HOME???!!!... Then say, "I am a HOMEOWNER!" “Why should you continue going after your dreams? Because seeing the look on the faces of the people who said you couldn’t…will be priceless.” Future HOMEOWNERS, it's my job to assist me now @ (901) 6792984 ...Read More

Lisa Thomas, Real Estate Agent/Realtor

4 weeks ago

Lisa Thomas, Real Estate Agent/Realtor - I truly "LOVE" what I do and that's Real Estate. When the time comes for YOU to BUY or SELL a HOME, please call me @ 9016792984. Thanks and have a wonderful rest of your day. Sincerely, LISA THOMAS, REALTOR Direct Number: 9016792984 Realty One Group Office Number: 9012552745

1 month ago

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